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帝国理工场外配资John Dear教授、刘海宝研究员讲座通知

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应场外配资杨树明副院长邀请,英国帝国理工场外配资John Dear教授以及刘海宝研究员将于2019108-1013日来访场外配资进行科研讲座交流,具体安排如下:



讲座一题目:Experimental and numerical studies on the impact performance of composite materials

讲座人:John Dear

讲座摘要:Composite materials, including polymer matrix composites and composite sandwich structures as well as fibre metal laminates, are increasingly finding application in modern manufacturing industry. Although composites have various superior properties, such as high strength-to-weight ratio and good fatigue resistance, they can suffer from impact damage, which has restricted the wider adoption of composite materials. By employing a series of experimental and numerical methods, a better understanding on the impact behaviour of composite materials can be achieved, which can subsequently assist the design of composite structures and facilitate the wider application of composite materials.

讲座二题目:To develop a progressive damage model for thermoplastic composites


讲座摘要:Composite materials now dominate the structure of the latest wide-body twin-engine passenger aircraft and are making increasing inroads into smaller narrow-bodies. An efficient and reliable physical testing method was used to conduct the experimental validation, also to help understand the damage behaviour of composite laminates. A computational model, which accounts for both interlaminar and intralaminar damage in composite laminates, implemented as a user subroutine in Abaqus/Explicit, was developed. The load-displacement response, energy absorption and damage morphology obtained from the numerical simulation were compared with the results obtained from the physical tests. Subsequently, the application of the fully validated computational model is also discussed.

John Dear简介:

Professor John Dear is Director of the BIAM-Imperial Centre, at Imperial College London, supported by the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and Executive and Joint Director of the AVIC Centre for Structural Design and Manufacture. John is also Head of the Composites, Adhesives and Soft Solids Group (8 academic staff, 70 PDRAs and PhDs), in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, previously led by Professor Tony Kinloch FREng FRS. John is also Joint Director of the COMAC Commercial Aircraft Centre with the Department of Aeronautics. John has been an academic for 30 years, supervising 64 PhDs and 22 Post-doctorates, on structural integrity of materials, including manufacturing and micro-structural effects. John has pioneered and led a group that has developed 3D high-speed speckle strain mapping and other strain visualisation techniques, for assessment of the safety of engineering structures. These techniques have been applied to explosive blast research of building faade structures and the Home Office, Arup and others have adopted the techniques for risk assessment of the terrorist threats to buildings and vehicles. John also advises the UK Ministry of Defence on the application of these techniques to structures and materials. These techniques are also employed, in the group, to develop blast resilient composite structures for the US Office of Naval Research (US Navy) and more recently, impact resilient composite structures (including laminated glass windscreens) for AVIC, BIAM and COMAC for civil aircrafts and aero-engines. Prior to joining Imperial in 1988, John was SERC Research Fellow at the Cavendish Laboratory and Fellow of Girton College. John did his PhD with Professor John E. Field OBE FRS, at the University of Cambridge, UK.


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